The Day Helsinki Stood Still – Snow Chaos With Video

Oh damn.

I’m not proud to post these photos and the accompanying video, but here’s proof that ruthless snow blizzards can befuddle even Finns – yes, even the country known from its rally heroes can sometimes manage to lose the plot behind the wheel when the elements are against you. Even with proper snow tires.

Due to a sudden snowstorm, there were some 240 collisions over the course of one day. Luckily, there were no fatalities today, as the last time something similar happened on the freeways leading to and from Helsinki in 2005 three people died. It all can all be summed up shortly: If the weather’s tough and visibility is zero, do not speed or tailgate – or slam the brakes in panic. It’ll just get expensive.

Even the (these days mostly flaky) public transport went completely haywire, with bus schedules abandoned, trains running even later than usual and trams ending up queueing on the street by the dozen. Still, official announcements by the powers-that-be were to the effect of “Just leave your car at home, or at work. Just don’t attempt to drive anywhere today.”

Make the jump for more photos of the carnage.

Yeah, a Sisu Pasi XA-180 APC hitting a bus makes for spectacular damage. On the ground is oil, not blood.

Here’s video (in English, some NSFW language, worth watching for the domino effect)

[youtube width=”720″ height=”385″][/youtube]


Me? Hell, up here halfway across the country it’s been beautiful and crystal-clear all day. I count myself lucky.

[Source: Helsingin Sanomat / Ilta-Sanomat | Livestreamfinland | some random dude on Facebook (headline image)]

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