The Carchive: The '86 Austin Rover Range- In Video!

carchive rover Another week has creaked past, and so we celebrate by climbing the ladder of intrigue up onto the diving board of exploration, ready to plunge inelegantly into the murky, slightly malodorous lagoon of motoring history. Welcome back once more to The Carchive. Last week we spent a little while looking at what Nissan had to offer their most discerning British customers at the turn of the ’80s. Today we’re pondering Austin Rover at a time which was actually, I promise, a very interesting period in their existence.  It’s a video this time, I’m afraid. Basically, there’s way too much in this brochure to be covered in prose ‘n photos, so I figured that video would work better. Feel free to listen to the clip below with the sound turned to mute, I’m sure my wife would seize the chance to turn my voice down too if she had it. [youtube][/youtube] (Video “produced” by Chris Haining for Hooniverse using original manufacturer publicity materials. Copyright on the actual brochure belongs to BMW I should imagine, unless the rights vaporised during the Phoenix Iniative, which is wholly possible.)

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