The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 99 – Rants With A Capital "R"

C&T 99
It’s the original trio back together after a few weeks, Cam, Tub, and Jason are all in the same episode. We had a lot to chat about and it made for a long episode, but a fun one all the same. Tons of new car stuff, lots of upcoming events, some good words, and some chats among friends. Just wait until you hear what Jason has on his desk… I mean shop floor.
This week’s episode includes: The 3 D’s, Brad rants about the 911R, More Geneva news, Jason went on a Kia Sportage test drive, Brad’s heading to Los Angeles (to the event where he met Jason one year ago), Cam tries to nerd-shame Brad for playing MTG occasionally while sitting on his Warhammer high horse. It’s all in good fun.

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Rants With A Capital R

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  1. JBsC6 Avatar

    Enjoyed the show guys! Provide a link to iTunes because this old bastard can’t figure out how to find again on iTunes and post a positive review for cammed and tubbed podcast..
    I really do enjoy your show…cam, tub and Jason make for a fun comedy ….I like each aspect of your show and all the various topics you discus….
    Thanks again…just very enjoyable to listen to.

    1. Bradley Brownell Avatar
      Bradley Brownell
      Here’s our podcast page on iTunes.
      Thanks for listening!

  2. Rui Avatar

    Just wanted to say that the 911 R rant was extremely funny. I loved how angry you got about such an insignificant thing. Keep it up! 😀
    Also, could you please normalize your audio levels in the future? Brad is always much much louder than everyone else. It’s a problem when listening with headphones. I either only hear Brad or if I turn the volume up to hear the other guys, get my ear drums perforated when Brad comes on. Thanks!

    1. Bradley Brownell Avatar
      Bradley Brownell


  3. hove102 Avatar

    Because I have to be this guy…
    ’04 GTOs came with the 350-horse LS1, and ’05-06 came with the LS2. Caddy CTS-Vs had the LS6 for ’04-05, and switched to the LS2 for ’06-07.
    I’ll go back to my cave now (Sorry Jason).
    Keep the show coming guys! Never a dull moment, and I can’t wait to listen to episode 100 today.