The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 98 – Safety FIRST W/ Tim Wadsworth

cammed & tubbed 98
This week Jason had to work late, so Cam and Brad invited Tim Wadsworth of Track First to join them for an hour-or-so of conversation about car junk. Track First is a safety equipment retailer for wannabe racers, actual racers, and track day junkies. If you want to drive your car on track, it’d be a good idea to visit Tim and talk to him about what you need. He’s got the inside track on what products fit people the best, and provide the highest level of comfort for each individual. Whether we’re talking about seats, fire suppression systems, fire proof apparel, or Head and Neck Restraint systems, Track First has the goods, and they know their stuff. Check out, or visit their Facebook page for more info.
On this week’s episode: We talk about track-car safety. We talk about Hooniverse’s recent LeMons incident. We talk about Gymkhana 8 (coming soon). We talk a bit about racing, and car shows, and other cool stuff. Honestly, it’s almost midnight right now and I’m tired, so go listen to find out what this episode is about! Thanks for listening!

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Safety FIRST

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7 responses to “The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 98 – Safety FIRST W/ Tim Wadsworth”

  1. Tanshanomi Avatar

    The parts-chasing geekdom made me laugh. I loved being a motorcycle parts counter rat for the second half of the ’80s. One of my major victories in life was figuring out how to get all the rebuild parts for my Kawasaki S1 250 triple’s discontinued, available-as-assembly-only crankshaft using component parts from other Kawasaki motorcycles. If I could make what I make now behind a motorcycle parts counter, I’d never do anything else.

  2. Guest Avatar

    The Best Is Yet To Come

  3. Fuhrman16 Avatar

    The Beast is Yeti to Comb.

  4. Widirstky Matt Avatar
    Widirstky Matt

    Haven’t listened to this one yet, but last weeks, the guest was basically inaudible, sorry Greg, but I couldn’t hear a word you were saying. Anyone else have this problem?

    1. Bradley Brownell Avatar
      Bradley Brownell

      Listening now and didn’t have any problems…

    2. Bradley Brownell Avatar
      Bradley Brownell

      Is it too quiet for just him? I can hear him just fine.

      1. Widirstky Matt Avatar
        Widirstky Matt

        It was just him, I could hear everyone else fine