The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 79 – Bad MacGyvering With Antti Kautonen

Cammed n Tubbed 79

Jason is back from his hiatus, Cam and Tub are their usual selves, and we’re joined by Hooniverse Finnish Correspondent, Mr. Antti Kautonen. We talk with the resident Malaise Era Expert and Corey Feldman lookalike about his 4-year Hooniversary coming up this Saturday. He’s been a prolific writer around these parts, and that deserves to be celebrated. Oh, and he’s a pretty good guy, too. We have lots to talk about, so lets get started.

This episode’s topics include: A couple D’s, the new BMW M2, our video series, the worst worst cars list list, What Antti has been up to, and Jason’s trip to MPG Track Day. Again, we’ve got our videos for you to watch below the jump. Next week’s guest is Jonathon Klein. Post your questions for him below.

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Bad Macgyvering

Video #1 – Brad posts a video of his photos from Rennsport Reunion V



Video #2 – Jason talks about tires



Video #3 – Coming soon from Cam


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