The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 60 – Unfamiliar Shower

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Jason had to work late this week and couldn’t make the podcast, so we’re on another two-person episode. Unfortunately that’s the third one in four weeks. We’ll try to all be together again next week. Oh, and we’ve convinced Cam to only do one loop of the bed music, because some of you mentioned that would be a good idea. Say your piece in the comments, do you like the change, or would you prefer the music stay for the whole show?
This episode’s topics include: A new DCFC music video (linked after the jump), we talk about how Brad watches car-related youtube videos, Cam has some updates on his project cars, Cam played a Dirt Rockets show on top of a bicycle shop (stick around for a Dirt Rockets song at the end of the podcast), we recap how much fun we had at Brad’s wedding (photo after the jump), and discuss how the car part of the honeymoon went (Ed. Note: THANKS BLAKE!). Oh, and the day Brad got back from his honeymoon, he went to an openhouse at Canepa Design with the Seconds Saturdays crew and saw Editor Odell there. Good times had by all.

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Unfamiliar Shower

As promised, here’s that awesome music video Brad was talking about in this episode.
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