The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 50 – Broken Boxster


Happy Friday everybody! It’s time for another episode of Cammed and Tubbed with your favorite people, Cam, Brad, and Jason. We’re celebrating a special milestone this week with our fiftieth episode. Raise a toast to fifty more mediocre episodes!

This episode’s topics include: Drinks, “What’s On Your Desk”, ND MX-5 dream build benchracing, MINI Cooper Clubmans, driving music, and Brad’s project Porsche Boxster woes, as well as new Honeymoon plans in Los Angeles.

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Broken Boxster

Thanks for listening, from:

Cam –


Cam got drunk on his birthday last year, and his girlfriend bought him a boat load of hotwheels. He was in heaven.

Tub –


Back in college, Brad blew up the diff in his 1992 Ford Crown Victoria. So he bought a used Ford Racing limited slip on ebay for 40 dollars and threw it in. RESULT!

And Jason –


Jason got to sit in an LFA. He was not allowed to drive it.

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