The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 46 – New Podcast Smell

We’re trying something new. Please give a warm welcome to the second podcast to join the Hooniverse Podcast Network. The “other one” is working well for us, so why stop when we’re ahead. Let it ride! For just over two years (and almost 100 episodes), you’ve been hearing the dulcet tones of Mr. Jeff Glucker, Blake Z. Rong, Esq., and the effervescent Chris Hayes. In the world of podcasts, they’re the Ferrari 250GTO, and we’re the Shelby Cobra. They’re a well-oiled purebred machine, and we’re the hodgepodge amalgamation thrown together over a series of too many whiskey and colas on a Tuesday night. So come join Cam (Cameron VanDerHorst), Tub (Bradley Brownell… that’s me), and our third wheel (Jason Connor) for an hour, plus or minus, of mostly car-related conversation.
 The Cammed and Tubbed podcast isn’t new to some of you, as you can see we’re already up to episode 46. We’ve been chatting on-the-record since June of 2014, and have been pumping out new episodes every week since. We are enthusiastic car nerds, and we hope that our words are engaging enough to keep you listening.
This episode’s topics include: Individual introductions, “What’s On Your Desk”, Cam got a ticket, Tub went to San Fran, Jason went to HRE, we put the whole “Clarkson” thing to bed, we ask who stole Mr. Regular’s mojo and how we can get it back, Cam likes the BMW X1, pre-talk about Furious 7, a little April Fools discussion, and our shoutouts of the week. ENJOY!

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – New Podcast Smell

As a brief introduction, here are your C&T Podcast hosts.
Cam – 
Cam is a car enthusiast of the first degree. He’s got more cars than there are days of the week. His first love is Porsche, but for some reason he also bought an SN95 Mustang Cobra. Cam, through the magic of this podcast, has become a fast friend of mine. He’s easy to make fun of, but always takes it with a grain of salt, and he’ll always get me back. Cam is in Cleveland, OH.
Tub – 
BFG 11
If you read Hooniverse, you might be familiar with Tub. In normal conversation I go by Bradley Brownell. Like Cam, I am also a Porsche enthusiast, and I’m pretty sure that’s how we met. I currently drive a 97 Porsche Boxster, a 95 Audi S6, and a loathsome 2008 Mazda3 (I also have a non-operational 86 Toyota Supra and a non-operational 68 Mustang GT Fastback). Literally everything I do in life is car-related in some way or another, I sell vintage Porsche parts for a living, I wrench, I write, I hoon, and I benchrace with the best of them. I also write for, so go there to see my Porsche-related content. Brad is in Reno, NV.
Jason Connor – 
Jason is another Hooniverse writer. We had him on as a guest a few weeks ago, and he just keeps coming back. I don’t really know how to get rid of him. Oh well, he’s a cool dude anyway. He’s got a rad Focus ST daily, and he’s building an insane 68 Ford Mustang. Jason is in San Diego, CA.

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  1. JBsC6 Avatar

    Cool that you guys are posting up your podcast on hooneverse…I enjoyed the show and am a new listener to camed amd tubbed (-autocorrects a bitch on the name of the podcast)
    Hooneverse rocks…your podcast is cool. Looking forward to next weeks episode…
    If you could Talk more about the boxster s consideration to pick one up. Price is right….the question is the IMS issue over blown and nothing to worry about? Is that what drove down pricing? Cool ride…..definitely pop for the s model? Any years to avoid? Just one of the many cool topics of your podcast…

    1. Bradley Brownell Avatar
      Bradley Brownell

      I’ve talked about that IN DEPTH in previous episodes, but I’d be happy to get pedantic about it again.
      1. My personal preference is the base car over the S for a couple of reasons.
      a. The engine just sounds better.
      b. The 5-speed is a much better match to that engine. The 6-speed in the S is geared too short for my liking.
      2. IMS is WAY overblown. Early cars (97-00) have somewhere between 1-2% failure rate. (01-05) later cars have about 5% failure.
      3. Pricing has been driven down by a number of things. The IMS issue is probably chief among them. Other things to consider include the 996 and 986 being some of the most produced Porsches ever. There’s no scarcity or rarity to keep prices high. Also, the quality of the interior is much worse than either the 993 that preceded it, or the 997 that followed.
      4. I’m glad you listened, and I’m glad you enjoyed.