The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 119 – Cam Jam

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This week it’s another “old school C&T” episode, as Jason had a last minute work emergency and couldn’t join us. Luckily our #ConfiguratorFun picks haven’t been posted yet, so we didn’t need to talk about that without him around. We’ll bring up the Aston DB11s next week when he joins us again. Cam and I did have some fun discussing things just the two of us, like we used to do.

Topics this week include: The 3 D’s, Cam went to AMA Vintage Days at Mid Ohio, Brad works on his Boxster and goes for a long Sunday drive, Brad started another podcast (The DFL Show, posted yesterday). There’s some talk about Laguna Seca, and a promise to learn more. Cam is getting closer to taking delivery of his E34 with a new radiator, Porsche is launching a Panamera Wagon (?), the guys discuss their dream tow-rig/utility vehicle. All told, this one is a wagon load of fun. If you enjoy good old fashioned sittin-round talkin’ cars, you’ll like this one.

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Cam Jam

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