The Beauty of Treasured Junk

beautiful junkyard
The story goes like this: sometime ago the creator of (my third favorite website ever!) found some cars on Google Maps that seemed to be scattered across a property. It wasn’t a junk yard, it wasn’t an impound yard, he had no idea what it was. Little bit of research showed that the land belonged to some crazy guy who lived in a hut and would supposedly shoot any visitors with a BB gun. That man supposedly collected junked cars with the hopes of restoring them and selling for profit, much like any of us would, given enough land and alcohol. Zlomnik’s friends suggest that they go there anyway, maybe even fly over it with a drone or even a Cessna, but the trip never came to fruition.
Recently one of Zlomnik’s readers, who was fishing nearby, simply walked through there. The crazy man is now dead and these cars have been rotting further away. That reader happened to have a decent camera and managed to take some great pictures of the place. The place is filled with some amazing cars and everyone is likely to see something they like. Go to, ignore the words you can’t understand, and just look at the pictures – they are amazing!

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  1. Bozi Avatar

    Great pictures. Many of the cars have become part of the landscape with multiple trees growing thru them.

  2. nanoop Avatar

    That’s great calendar material for the next three years!

  3. Alff Avatar

    Neat photos but they leave me a bit melancholy.

  4. Manic_King Avatar

    Beautiful photos but these cars are worth nothing. Except maybe Trabants? All the other cars have brothers still on the roads, in a much better nick.

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      These same words – “except maybe Trabants” – would have killed half a population by laughter twenty years ago. Also, I don’t believe perception of reality and actual reality are particularly well aligned with people like that.

  5. Sjalabais Avatar

    There’s a person who really knows how to handle a camera! It’s also amazing to see how many trees managed to grow between bumpers and metal. Just a wee change of direction would have made live so much easier for them.
    Hunting for a steering wheel for my boy last year took me to some weird backyards, too:

  6. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    Some very random machinery; a Ford Tempo and Rover Sterling among the 126s and other, more Polski conveyances.

  7. Jofes2 Avatar

    Seeing stuff like this just makes me want to invite all the cars to my home, give them a blanket and make them some hot chocolate.

  8. theskig Avatar

    I perfectly remember the blue sticker in the picture on the back doors of every 80’s FIAT (but i remember it in red)

    1. theskig Avatar

      I mean this one

  9. Cameron Vanderhorst Avatar
    Cameron Vanderhorst

    That Star Trek Citroen makes me very sad.