The Art Of (Drag) Racing In The Rain: Hangover Nationals 2012

Dragway 42 has been running the Hangover Nationals in rural West Salem, OH for 13 years.  Every New Years Day, the track is opened for running, rain or shine, and 2012 is no exception.  Well, there wasn’t a whole lot of shine, and there was a whole lot of rain.  Also, there was cold.  Lots of cold. This run-what-ya-brung street legal shootout ran on a mandatory bracket dial-in of 20.12 (get it).  The timer on the track was only capable of timing to 28 seconds, and there were a few…ahem…traction limited competitors that fell long of that time.  It made for a few hearty laughs though.  In all, I had a great time, and I would heartily recommend it to anyone.  Set your calendar for New Years Day 2013!  



Of all of the cars in attendance, the following are a few of my favorites.
First, we have an extreme rarity.  This is a B5 Passat FourMotion Wagon with a W8 and a 6-speed manual transmission.  Yes Please!

Next up is a home job.  This is no ordinary Datsun 210.  THis 210 has been massaged to accept a nineties era GM 4.3 liter V6.  Also, yes please!
SCCA Rallycross Mazda RX-7.  Very much, yes please!  This one idled like an angry popcorn machine, revved like a sportbike, and backfired like a shotgun on the 2-3 upshift.

I don’t care what anyone says, I will always love the simplicity and boxyness of a VeeDub Rabbit.  Awesome.

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