The 110 Fwy Doesn't End Until the Fat Lady Sings

The LA Times is reporting today that the Los Angeles Opera is presenting two workshop performances of a newly commissioned opera called “The 110 Project,”  about the lives and loves of people living along the path of the harbor freeway.

Commissioned by LA Opera’s Education and Community Programs department, the work will be highlighted by a libretto from Shannon Halwes and author MG Lord, and will feature a score by Laura Karpman.

As the production has yet to debut there’s no way of telling what the work will sound like, but hopefully the composers didn’t take their cues from the staccato sounds of the freeway itself. The bumper-to-bumper drama many angelenos find themselves in on a daily basis traversing the Pasadena to the Pedro five-lane is typically more tragedy than comedy, so anything that brings levity to the experience would most likely be welcome. Personally, I like the Rabbit of Seville.

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  1. Alff Avatar

    Speaking as one of those people who has lived "along the path of the harbor freeway", I would expect most of these pieces to be played grave and certainly none faster than andante.

  2. Jeff Glucker Avatar
    Jeff Glucker

    I am starting a play in Orange County about the intersection of the 55 and the 405… it involves a wayward lifted F-150 on Fabtech shocks, and a lonely C230 Kompressor hatchback – that somehow find love when they smash into each other during the aftermath of a light drizzle…
    I call it…
    [again… drinking]

    1. om_nom_de_plume Avatar

      fitting the theme: STANDING OVATION!! take your bow

    2. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

      I think you need to drink and post more often

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