Tata Nano Sales are Hot, But Not as Hot as Tata Nanos

Alternately described as the World’s least expensive car, and, what your customer service rep drives, the Tata Nano has had a launch marred by controversy. First was the riot that closed the Nano factory for a time, and then it was the significantly higher price quoted for the upscale European model. And now, apparently they’re having issues with the cars bursting into flame, even when the owners aren’t trying to default on their car loans and collect the insurance money. Satish Sawant was cruising in his Nano when an overtaking motorcyclist alerted him to the flames and smoke emanating from the rear-mounted engine compartment of his diminutive ride. It’s hard to say why he didn’t notice the smoke as one of the Nano’s standard features is a rear-view mirror. By the time the fire department arrived, the egg-shaped Tata was completely engulfed in flames, ending up a total write-off and likely something you’ll see in a few months sporting a salvage title on Mumbai Craigslist. This isn’t the first Nano to go tandoori, and may result in another round of service checks on the cars to try and determine if this was an isolated incident, or if Tata’s goal of becoming the Indian Toyota may bear a different fruit than desired. Image and article source: [Indian Autos Blog via Engadget]

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