Taiwan Landslide Buries Cab, The Meter's Running on Reaching the Driver

The Daily Mail is reporting that a mysteriously triggered landslide has covered a 900-foot section of highway near Keelung Taiwan. Two cars were reported buried under the slide, and one, a taxi cab, had been under GPS tracking at the time. The GPS signal was lost when the cab was apparently buried, and now over 1,000 rescuers are attempting to locate and dig-out the 55-year old driver. Locator dogs were brought in, but unfortunately no sign of the cab driver, or another driver suspected of having been buried, has been detected. The arial view of the slide shows its massive nature, however the daunting scope of what the rescuers face really comes to light when compared to the earthmoving equipment dwarfed in its shadow. While the apparent loss of life is truly sad, the scale of the slide, covering six lanes and two ramps is jaw-dropping. The Mail Online reports that the Taiwanese Ministry of Transportation is investigating 20 similar road-abutting slopes to determine if they also present a danger. Image sources; [Reuters, AFP/Getty via Daily Mail]

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