Jimny & Kei Truck - Mighty Car Mods

Suzuki Jimny & Kei Truck go off-roading

I’m waiting on getting new all-terrain tires for the Sequoia right now. While I wait, I’ve had plenty of time to browse off-road videos. I even watched Jeff’s video with the Ford Tremor. Jesus, that’s a big truck.

I normally check in with Mighty Car Mods. I love their Bettle Sleeper video and every time they’ve strapped a turbo to something new. This time though I found something I wasn’t expecting. They have modified some four-wheel-drives. Not the Land Cruiser, Patrol, or Prado-kind of off-roaders, but a Suzuki Jimny and a Daihatsu Hi-Jet.

I’m definitely interested in non-traditional off-roaders like the little Kei truck. Robby DeGraff also told a story on the Off The Road Again podcast about sleeping in a Jimny in Iceland and I’ve been super interested in them ever since.

Enjoy the show! It’s not the typical off-road video to come out of Australia, but it is still very Mighty Car Mods.

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3 responses to “Suzuki Jimny & Kei Truck go off-roading”

  1. Maymar Avatar

    Not gonna lie, went to immediately look at cheap Jimnys while watching. I have no where to really go offroading, but it’d maybe be a small fun second car my wife would approve of (with auto at least)?

    Also, I think I enjoyed that more than the last couple Grand Tour specials.

  2. outback_ute Avatar

    Will watch (sooner or later) because MCM but the jimmy/k-t vids have not been my favourite.

    Have seen one of these trucks fitted with what looked like utv or small tractor tyres, wide and heavily lugged/ribbed. Would be atrocious and presumably illegal on the road but with more gearing amazing on trails. The truck was in a farm equipment yard.

  3. Wayward David Avatar
    Wayward David

    The contrast between these little rigs and the F-250 Tremor is striking (could probably park the Daihatsu in the bed of the Ford) and it’s a good reminder that you don’t have to spend $70k or more to have some off road adventures..