Super Yorker on eBay: It's one bad mother- SHUT YO' MOUTH!

And when it comes to the ladies, he's outta SIGHT!
This dude is bad! He’s the smoothest, baddest mother ever to hit the streets! And he ain’t just any 1969 New Yorker, he’s Super Yorker! Yeah.

He's a complicated man. No one understands him but his woman.

He drives a twelve-thousand dollar car, wears a hundred-dollar suit, knows all the right moves, and when it comes to women, they come to him. He’s the man that would risk his neck for his brotha man. The cat that won’t cop out when there’s danger all about. He’s one mean, lean, super-cool sex machine!

Uptown, downtown, crowned and renowned!
So if you crave satisfaction, then dig this action! Super hood, super high, super dude, Super Yorker! Guaranteed to be an attraction!

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