Sunburned 1964 F100 4×4 Should Be the Official Mascot of Tucson

1964 ford f100 4x4 for saleYou know how guys who do outdoor construction work have that perma-sunburn? A mix of tan and a little orange and pink that betrays their disdain for sunblock, hats and long sleeves? This truck is the automotive equivalent of those guys. 50 years in the Tucson desert sun have seared the horizontal surfaces to a nice orange, while the vertical ones are just chalky. When I think Tucson, I think endless dirt fields filled with trucks like these.

This truck jerky specimen wins the inner beauty contest as well: under the hood is a 292 Y-Block V8, backed by a 4speed and 4×4 drivetrain. I’d guess that’s an NP435 or T-18 transmission, Dana 20 transfer case, a 9-inch out back and (unfortunately closed-knuckle) Dana 44 up front. The interior’s a Goldilocks of roughness – just enough that you don’t mind using it properly, but not so beat and nasty that no woman would ever ride with you.

It looks like a great truck, but we’re already at $3,500 with an unmet reserve and the seller’s talking about a “high” NADA retail value of $26k. There’s something high about that number, that’s for sure. Auction ends Sunday!

1964 Ford F100 4×4 for sale – eBay Motors

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