Submissions Thursday: Back from the Dead

hanzel citroen
Hooniverse‘s all-amateur cast gives us our unique character, but limits us as well. Simply put, we’ve only got so much time for the site. We tend to go with what we know: I’m all about my projects and your future projects, for example. It’s a good mix, but even the tastiest smoothie with the same eight ingredients gets old after a while. That’s where you come in. Maybe you have aspirations of making several dollars as an automotive writer or maybe you went to a cool car show and took some pictures. It’s not uncommon to think you’ve got a whole blog’s worth of writing in your head, but run out after only a few posts. Either way, we’re interested in what you have to share.
…but that doesn’t mean we’ll write up just anything you send in. A few tips:
Car show pictures: get there early for good lighting and fewer people. A bunch of shoulder-height, 10-feet away shots of a cool car with a crowd around it doesn’t quite cut it. Get down on one knee, frame the shot, capture the details and try to talk to the owner about the car.
Skip the rant: we’re not interested in your 1200 word tirade on how BMW’s lost its way or Kids These Days do/don’t care about cars. Framing your rant around some personal anecdote doesn’t change its ultimate destination (falling off the bottom of the inbox, unread).
Builds: Love them. If we had a real budget, I’d do nothing but build awesomely perverse cars all day.
Ownership experiences: Great. Nothing deflates Forum Logic(c) quite like a well-reasoned ownership report from someone who actually owns a car and actually uses it.
I Did a Thing!: This gets tricky. I date myself with the phrase, but we don’t want the car blog equivalent of flipping through someone’s vacation slides. Point is, your coast-to-coast roadtrip might’ve been an incredible experience…but there’s no guarantee reading about it will be. (Presumably) no one’s assigned to read Hooniverse, so be sure to write it up in a way that gives readers a reason to keep reading.
What’s in it for you? A lot of people just love the ego/portfolio boost from having their stuff published. We love those people too. If the intangibles don’t quite do it for you, we’d be happy to throw some swag your way, courtesy of the miscellaneous stuff our PR friends send us or maybe a Hooniverse decal or shirt.
If you’re interested, hit us up at
(Picture completely unrelated aside from being awesome. Copyright Daisy Odell/

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  1. Devin Avatar

    I remember once doing an overly in-depth analysis of the Dodge Avenger's C-Pillar on the forum, and then I was going to do more design analysis stuff, but other stuff happened. If anyone is interested I could do something like that again.

    1. Rover_1 Avatar

      Yes please.

  2. Holman Avatar

    I think I might do a write up for truck Thursday about my work truck: the ubiquitous Freightliner M2. You see them day in and day out delivering soda yo stores, working on power lines, and hauling trash, among other things. I drive one for a living hauling HVAC parts across New England.

  3. Bret Dodson Avatar

    Cool! I've written several dozen "Street Parked" articles over at Starting Grid. I'd love to share some of that kind of stuff with the Hooniverse crowd, where I think the content fits in better. The autocrossing an LeMons goofery is probably best left at Starting Grid.

  4. Wildcat_445 Avatar

    I'd post something about the Merkur XR4Ti I owned, but it brings back too many frustrating memories. If I ever get my '65 Wildcat Convertible, though, I'll definitely post thoughts about it.

  5. craigsu Avatar

    That Citroen is so Hypnotoad.
    <img src=""&gt;
    I love it!

  6. racer139 Avatar

    I drive a tow truck usually. I have a few storys. But lately having no truck to do the job the stories are few and far between. If we ever get back up and running I could submit something.