Streetwalker: White on Rice Supra Masks Its Price

Yes, it's a Supra, thanks for asking!
Yes, it's a Supra, thanks for asking!

The 1989 Toyota Supra was a generation prior to the penultimate Supra gestation, but it still has its fans. This blanco-respray with a removable roof has had its asking price covered with making tape. If only they had used more of that when painting it.

Here we are on our favorite curb-side car lot, checking out a targa roof Supra turbo. Eighty nine was a refresh year for the mark III Supra, and the car received new tail lights, a re-shaped front bumper and some other updates that only a rabid Supra-lover would notice. The engine is the 7MGTE 2,954-cc straight six with Toyota’s ubiquitous CT26 turbocharger, which can also be found over the shoulder of many an MR2 driver. A nice find on the inside is a five-speed stick and three pedals, where you might to expect an auto.
The paint job on this car looks to be the work of the Earl of Scheib, and even though poorly done, it at least gets points for thoroughness, as the side trim, badges got the treatment as well. The rims are flaky-flaky and there’s some rough spots on the hood and tail that you’d want to address before the rust monster takes hold.
Since the seller is being all mysterious about his asking price, what would you pay for this turbo’d toy?

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  1. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    This one's entirely dependent on price.
    $4500 and under, I'd be all over it. Unfortunately, I fear the seller wants $6k or more, at which point enthusiasm wanes.

  2. discontinuuity Avatar

    Are you saying that the turbo was used in MR-2's? Because there never was a six-cylinder MR-2.

    1. Robert Emslie Avatar
      Robert Emslie

      Yes, I'm saying the turbo was used in the MR2. Not the 7MGTE engine.

  3. _Tomsk_ Avatar

    Call me crazy, but I kinda like these more than the Mk. IVs. But I'm also tempted to say the Mk. II is cooler still…

  4. Nancie Zerger Avatar

    Omg.. I LOVE Kim.. She’s soo beautiful/