Streetwalker- Tride OK C10

This past weekend my favorite curb-side used car lot brought forth a cornucopia of interesting iron. Not only did we come across the time capsule Mercedes 240D, but half a block down sat its polar opposite- a Chevy C10 pickup truck.

This 1971 Chevy C10 Cheyenne in a semi-fresh coat of diuretic mustard – which is showing some poor masking of trim – rocks the 350 V8 under its dark yellow hood. The trailer mirrors and tonneau snaps are about the only external embellishments, and the rubber floor-matted interior is equally austere. Despite the plain-jane appearance, there is something of note there on the dash- next to the For Sale sign soliciting $5,000 for the truck – which is a gayly colored sign advertising “Tride OK”.

Now, maybe the seller’s 2nd grader was helping out with trying to sell the truck, or perhaps he’s just a result of our failed public education system they’re always talking about, making the truck not the only thing that’s “like a rock.”  Whatever the reason, if I had a Tride, I’d probably offer it to him for this truck. Other than that, I think his five grand asking price may not be as good a deal as the earlier 240D, but it’s not crazy either. Ideally, for that kind of cheddar, I’d like to see a better paint job, and one that perhaps deals with the rust rather than just painting over it. But maybe you’ve always wanted a mean mr mustard C10, and this is priced right in your sweet spot. Who knows? [nggallery id=46]

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