Streetwalker- The Peace Maker Does Not Respect Your Ridgeline

Well, once again our favorite road-side used car lot has something of interest for us. This 1999 Honda Passport has been re-imagined as a melding of Chevy Avalanche and John Rambo – I didn’t start the Honda, they started the Honda! – creating a tasty melange with a tinge of agent orange. Back in the day, Honda wanted to get in on some of those profitable SUV sales, but had nothing with which to compete. Enter Isuzu, and their Rodeo five-door, and before you can say badge-engineering, Honda was in the mix with their acts, looks, and drives nothing like a Honda Passport. But in the case of this $4,500 uber-truck, there’s very little pass left in the port. The wheels are now Tonka-big; the back end has been cut open and texture-coated to within an inch of its life; and it’s been painted in some sort of palm frond camouflage. Inside, the stock Honda/Isuzu interior has been spiced up with some Corbeau seats and more bedliner paint, giving it the look of something Fred Flintstone may have Yabba-Dabba-Did back in the day. Access to the four seats is still through the four doors, however those in the back may experience a draft as it looks like Home Depot didn’t sell sheets of plexiglass big enough to span the entire opening, leaving gaps on either side. Who would create such a Baja beast? Someone looking to express their unique individuality and personal sense of style, obviously. The more important question is, who would now buy this hacked-up Honda? For just $4,500, the answer could be you.

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