Streetwalker- Mr. Bond, Your Benz is Ready

Once again the curb-side car lot is rife with three pointed stars. Normally, I wouldn’t give a ’91 500SL much of a glance, unless there was something special about it, and that’s the case with this Benz with a gun-shy seller. You see, in addition to the sporty styling, smooth V8 power, and cosseting luxury interior, this car has another feature you might not expect- it’s rocking bullet-proof glass. That’s right, for just shy of eleven large, you can pick up your “pharmaceuticals” with the knowledge that nobody’s going to pop a cap in your ass while you pull away. Just slide that half-inch thick laminated side window into place and you’ll be a snug as a thug in a rug. Other than the warrior-class windows, the car looks stock, and the seller has been good enough to include both an AutoTrader ad for another 500 for reference, as well as a nearly-full roll of Scotch Tape! If  you regularly drive though some sketchy neighborhoods, or have a vengeful Ex with an arsenal, you might want to consider this ride. [nggallery id=47]

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