Stockholm Sightings – Chrysler LeBaron Convertible

chrysler_lebaron_stockholm_6 This thing, this right here, this Chrysler LeBaron is among the best sightings I’ve posted, from my own view point. I managed to see just the angular, white-on-white tail sticking out of the line of parked cars, and decided to walk closer. When I realized what it was, my step hastened, my pace quickened. An actual, early K-platform LeBaron convertible right there in Stockholm’s Södermalm district, just a stone’s throw from the old town. Can you tell I was excited? To own, I’d perhaps prefer the newer LeBaron. Those are a touch more modern in appearance, not revealing their Reliant K roots too easily, but the older car is a lot more Iacoccan. Like Regular Car Reviews put it in their charitable piece about the ’80s New Yorker, Lee Iacocca knew how to make an entire line-up out of just one basic car. chrysler_lebaron_stockholm The Chrysler is of Canadian origin, judging by the old plates still mounted on it. Either there haven’t been suitably small Swedish plates available, or then the owner/private importer has just chosen to display the car’s British Columbia roots proudly. There’s also a dealer badge on the trunklid. chrysler_lebaron_stockholm_4 chrysler_lebaron_stockholm_3 chrysler_lebaron_stockholm_7 Despite the dazzling E-class detailing, the slab-sidedness and perceived slightness does make the LeBaron kind of curious-looking, like an accountant dressed in Michael Jackson’s best mid-’80s stagewear. There are shoulder pads, there are shiny things, there’s white vinyl – but it’s difficult to say, if there are moves to match. chrysler_lebaron_stockholm_8 The transparent Pentastar diamond is by far the best thing on the car. After all these years, it stands proud and plasticky. chrysler_lebaron_stockholm_2 chrysler_lebaron_stockholm_12 The convertible top is kind of ungainly-shaped. If the car had rear side windows, perhaps the interplay between the glasshouse and the rear wheels would look more natural. Now, the end result almost looks like a self-made Sawzall convertible with a random top. chrysler_lebaron_stockholm_10 But like I said, I was happy to see the LeBaron, especially in seemingly solid condition and apparently road-going. There aren’t probably too many left anywhere in the Nordic countries, as I don’t believe any were officially imported by Chrysler. Someone has cared enough about this car to bring it over to Sweden and keep it looking nice. For a 30-year-old K-car, it’s doing very well indeed. [Images: Copyright 2014 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]  

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