Spy Shots: The New Toyota Supra

It is no secret that Toyota is working on a new Supra. And frankly, what the hell, Toyota, why would it take you twenty years to bring this car back to the market? Let’s hope that when it comes here it’s a worthy successor to the vehicle from the 1990s. While we already know that it will be pricey, unlike the Supras of the 1980s, let’s hope that it won’t be priced like an exotic. My guess is that it will be priced somewhere between the Lexus RC F and the Lexus LC, so figure in the $70,000s. 
Reader Brandon spotted this mule being tested about two weeks ago and managed to get some good shots of it. Along with this Supra was a camouflaged Rolls Royce Cullinan. That is interesting because the Supra is being developed along with the next BMW Z4, which we have spied before here. BMW owns Rolls Royce, so it would make sense that the Z4 and the Rolls be seen together, but the Supra? 
Thanks for sending these in, Brandon! Sorry it took us so long to get to them.

Perhaps the reason for the Rolls and the Toyota being spotted together is that they share similar components and technologies, despite being very different vehicles. Perhaps those components are supplied by the same vendor? It could be any number of things. I am taking a guess, but it could be electrified powertrains or suspension controls. It is a safe bet that these vehicles will have a very different internal combustion engines and transmissions, but sub-components could have similarities and I could see them being tested together. 

Jalopnik, who ran pictures of the very same car, judging by its license plates, pointed out the wheels. They say that the wheels look just like the ones on the BMW M4 GTS. I see the similarities between those wheels but I also see significant differences. What is more significant is that the wheels appear to be attached by lug-bolts, typically a BMW thing, whereas Toyota uses lug-nuts. It’s too bad that we can’t see what is behind the wheels and how, and if, it is similar to the BMW Z4.
I am very curious at which point BMW and Toyota go their separate ways. Historically, the Z3 and Z4 BMWs have been smaller two seater coupes and roadsters. They were focused on being fun to drive weekend cars, except for the M Roadster and Coupe which were kind of hard core until the shock towers ripped. The Supra was always a four-seater, often with a T-roof, a bigger and heavier vehicles, more of a brute than the little bimmer. 

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16 responses to “Spy Shots: The New Toyota Supra”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    Does Toyota bring anything to this car other than styling and $$$?
    The BMW link would be enough to link this and the Rolls IMO, sharing a final validation assessment trip would save costs and travel time.

  2. Zentropy Avatar

    I realize it’s covered in camo vinyl, but even when you see past it, visibility out of this car looks like it will be terrible. And that huge ass looks BMW-influenced, as in BANGLE. Not a good thing. I know it’s a big halo car for Toyota and therefore pretty significant, but I’m genuinely disinterested. As ugly as current Toyotas are, I don’t have much hope for the new Supra.

  3. neight428 Avatar

    Doesn’t putting BMW mechanicals in a Toyota defeat the whole purpose of having a Toyota at all?
    Compare the market value of a 100k mile Lexus LS versus 100k mile BMW 7-series for an illustration of my point.

    1. Kamil K Avatar

      I hope Toyota improves the cooling system, installs bushings that don’t need replacing every 30k miles, and window regulators that are not a part of routine maintenance. And strengthen the shock towers. And make sure the battery doesn’t need frequent replacements.

    2. Manxman Avatar

      In my neck of the woods a used BMW 7 series is about half the price of a used Lexus. Plus it’s hard to find a beemer on CL that isn’t throwing codes.

  4. Boo Radley Avatar
    Boo Radley

    Not interested in a bmw motor in a Toyota

    1. Zentropy Avatar

      Nor am I interested in a Toyota body covering a BMW, or even a Toyota, engine. Until their designers can get their heads out of their asses, Toyota isn’t on my radar at all.

      1. Vinny Avatar

        Put an updated version of the bullet-proof and legendary 2jz engine in it, not some weak-ass BMW engine from the 3-series!!!

        1. Zentropy Avatar

          The 2JZ-GTE was excellent in stock form and almost infinitely buildable, but I’m not so certain this car will deserve such an engine, even if it were able to meet current environmental standards. Toyota’s on my $#!+ list right now, so I’m withholding judgement until I see the car.

  5. Fuhrman16 Avatar

    70 grand for a Toyota? That’s nearly three times the cost of their other sports car, the FT-86.

    1. Vinny Avatar

      Yes, cuz the MK4 Supra from the 90s would cost $80k in today’s money.

      1. Zentropy Avatar

        The 4th-gen turbo cost just under $40k in 1993, which is over $69k now, aligning the new Supra with its predecessor. However, the 3rd-generation turbo from a year earlier was under $29k, or about $51k today. I recall the huge jump the Supra took in price during that model change, and I think the Mazda RX-7 price likewise jumped considerably when the FD came out.

        1. JayP Avatar

          That was what killed the Japanese sports car market. The yen to $ went crazy, the Gulf War sent gas up and most Americans were waving their flags. And SUVs were just getting their grip.
          Subaru created a FWD SVX and Toyota tried to sell a NA Supra to get back into the market. Strange times.

        2. Vinny Avatar

          Yeah, but the last model year of production cost over $50k, which is $80k today. This new one will not be $70k. It will not be higher than the Lexus RC F! My Guess is around $55k, which is very reasonable, considering even a BMW 330i costs that much, never mind an M4.

          1. Zentropy Avatar

            The Supra was just over $40.5k in 1998 (ok, a handful were produced in ’99). That’s $62k in today’s dollars.

  6. Alff Avatar