Spy Shots: Jeep Wrangler pickup – The Scrambler!

The new Wrangler is already a runaway success for Jeep. It alone will likely be responsible for keeping the lights on in Alfa Romeo and Fiat dealerships. But Jeep isn’t done with the two- and four-door version of the Wrangler. It is no secret that the Jeep pickup is coming. Even people who work for Jeep, who are trained to never discuss future products, are like “yea, the JL Wrangler pickup is coming for 2019, it will be build at old Toledo Supplier Park once it’s retooled from the JK…”
At this point they might as well just start driving the undisguised prototypes on the road because everyone knows what they will look like. But no, they insist on covering them up in that wanna be camo crap. Fine. Whatever. Here our other awesome spy photographer caught what looks like a Sport, or otherwise more base, model of the upcoming pickup. I am saying that based strictly on the fact that it’s wearing highway tires on black steel wheels. But…

But just because it’s wearing some crappy wheels doesn’t make a base model. But it also has no running boards or other finished under the doors, like the current four-door JL Sport trim. Other than LED headlights, there isn’t much to see here. There are no hints on how and if the roof or the rear window would remove or any other juicy details we’d want. 
The Jeep Wrangler pickup, also known as the Scrambler. We’re looking forward to seeing you once FCA take the wraps off. 
Source: My buddy Yoshi’s IG!

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16 responses to “Spy Shots: Jeep Wrangler pickup – The Scrambler!”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    The way that camo fabric tucks under the window indicates something is going on. Do you think they might even do a soft top version or is the hard top roof that slim?
    Looks pretty long, which will make parking a challenge for buyers over here where parking spaces are not sized for full size pickups.

    1. Zentropy Avatar

      My first thought, too, was that it looked long. Awkwardly long. It would make a tidier (but less useful) package as a 2-door.

  2. Fred Avatar

    They could probably drive it around undisquised and people wouldn’t think much of it. A Jeep pickup, “I didn’t know they still made them” would be about it.

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      Prototypes definitely attract more attention with the disguises. Obviously not for Jeeps but stick fake badges on most and people wouldn’t tell what they are.

  3. nanoop Avatar

    Fashion: repeating itself every couple of decades.

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      See also: CJ-10

  4. neight428 Avatar

    I think FCA has a deal with the aftermarket to have the stock wheels and tires on base model Jeeps make the vehicle look bad. Even the Rubicon/Sahara trim versions look marginal and no suspension modification is necessary to fit larger tires. For what would be a marginal $50 cost, appropriately sized tires would actually fit the rest of the design. It occurs to me though that a portion of the issue may have to do with CAFE rules and selling some number of these things with the smallest and lightest tire possible to squeeze out a couple of mpg.

    1. JayP Avatar

      Exactly. CAFE has dictated everything from wheels and tires to headlight shapes.
      Even ride height.

  5. nanoop Avatar

    Velorex. Basically the same thing, but for other reasons.

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      Yes I knew it was a Velorex. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen one, I think in a museum but can’t remember exactly where.
      Supposed to be a joke about a disguise…

      1. nanoop Avatar

        I’m usually happy that we don’t use smileys here (my phone doesn’t recognize the classic typographical ones, and has a horrible set of Unicode symbols), but here they would have helped me to look less shallow.

  6. Max von Hippel Avatar
    Max von Hippel

    My dad saw it in Flagstaff a couple times in the last 2 weeks, so people in N. Arizona & Sedona can keep their eyes out for a sighting!

  7. Zentropy Avatar

    I was a fan of the original CJ-8, but I still really want an FC170.

    1. neight428 Avatar

      Really liked the Mighty FC concept. Presumably a non-starter in to production for nearly every reason imaginable.

      1. Zentropy Avatar

        That’s really cool! Thanks for the link– somehow I missed that concept when it debuted.