Sprint in the Slush: 1988 Alfa Romeo Sprint Quadrifoglio Verde

What do you think would be the kind of car least likely to be seen daily driven in a salted, slushy environment? Anything Italian, knocking on 30 years would be a likely answer, and seeing this Alfa Romeo Sprint parked at a mall was certainly weird. Kudos to the owner for keeping it going, no matter what it takes.
The Sprint was born under the Alfasud program, and it was developed further to tie in with the successor, the 33. It survived until 1989, but was not renewed when the 33 was redesigned.

The long overhang exaggerates the rake of the car, but the front end does ride quite low compared to the short, stubby rear. I love these cars, and I see them all too rarely, even in summertime. That’s why I was enormously excited to see one right now, at this time of the year.
The car is badged with a cloverleaf, which would denote it to be a Quadrifoglio Verde. The plate info says it’s a 1.5-litre car, and the QV spec raises the horsepower reading from 95 to 105. There was also a 1.7-litre car on offer, and those had about 10 horsepower more.
The detailing on this car is lovely. Inside, there are plushly bolstered cloth seats and a three-spoke steering wheel: perfect 1980s Alfa Romeo.

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  1. mseoul Avatar

    what is the red car next to it?

    1. julkinen Avatar

      It’s my friend’s ultrabeater Toyota Corolla DX.

      View post on imgur.com

      1. Rover 1 Avatar
        Rover 1

        A car perhaps even more rust-prone than the Alfasud Sprint. Going by my experience of my first company car, an E70 four door wagon, in 1983 which was rusting in it’s first year and was constantly being repaired under warranty.

  2. Gianni Burrows Avatar
    Gianni Burrows

    Pains me to see that. You could probably hear it dissolving.

  3. The Real Number_Six Avatar
    The Real Number_Six

    Inboard front brakes and boxer engine still there in these later models?

    1. Rover 1 Avatar
      Rover 1

      Yes, all the way up to 1700 cc on some models, apart from the Alfasud Sprint 6C which made the quite good compromise of ditching the rear seats and front wheel drive in favour of a mid mounted Alfa V6 driving the rear wheels

  4. Jaap Avatar

    I talked my dad into one, in 1985, a white one. Beautifull machine, questionable quality. But when it went in 1987 it didn’t have any rust, though being parked outside. The sound was awesome, even while gearing and slowing down. Bopbop Brob. And you get noticed.