Spotter Guide: 2012 12 Hours Of Sebring

This weekend marks the launch of two separate, yet similar, sports car seasons at once with the 60th anniversary of the Mobil1 12 Hours of Sebring fueled by Fresh from Florida (seriously, that’s its full name? -KK). On one hand, you are bearing witness to the American Le Mans Series opening round, but you are also witnessing the inaugural round of World Endurance Championship competition. There is a whole lot of history packed in the “12 Hours of Sebring” name, and the  endurance classic event continues this year at 10:00 AM Eastern Saturday morning. I will be there, but unlike Daytona, I likely won’t have a chance to liveblog the event very much, as the internet in Sebring, FL can only be described as shoddy. I will, however, return with my own photography and words to entertain you. With any luck, I can add a twist of LRF flavor to my posts…we’ll see.

Whether you are watching on your X-box, at, or via one of the live streams from TV.Audi.Com among others, be sure to listen to the audio of the event at if you can’t find the time to sit and watch. If you are watching however, use these spotterss guides to know who’s who and what’s what.

This year there are several new teams, and many returning teams with new cars or new liveries.  Keep up to date with who is driving what car, when, where and why by keeping these spotters guides loaded on your computer screen.  Andy Blackmore has been producing these spotters guides for as long as I have been watching endurance sportscar racing, and they are always an absolute treat.  With each new spotters guide that Andy posts at we get closer to another major endurance sports car race.  Phenomenal work, yet again, Andy.  Keep it up! 

Those most eagle eyed among you will notice that the Risi Competizione Ferraris are…conveniently absent this year.  I hope the trend does not continue beyond Sebring.

Load high resolution versions of these spotter guides by simply clicking on them.

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