Spotted: Ford Festiva SHOgun

The first generation Kia Mazda Ford Festiva was a rather underwhelming econo-box.  Three doors on a two-box shape with a single pathetic choice of an engine, buying one meant that you have given up on life. However, where some see adversity others see opportunity. It was the great Chuck Beck who installed the 220hp Yamaha V6 out of the Taurus SHO into where the rear seat of a Festiva would be. He then widened the body, adjusted the chassis accordingly, and created the Festiva SHOgun.

The original SHOguns devoured the quarter mile in less than thirteen seconds and pulled well over a gee on a skidpad. Not bad for an underwhelming econo-box. In total Mr. Beck created seven SHOguns, each one pained in a different color. So many loved the car that many replicas have been created. My friend Leonardo spotted this yellow SHOgun at Atlanta’s Caffeine and Octane.

The owner indicated that this is the real deal. Not only that, the yellow SHOgun was one that was on the original brochure and on the cover of Road & Track, and it looks just like this, down to the vinyl stickers. Video of Jay Leno’s silver SHOgun shows the interior identical to the one seen in pictures, so this has got to be the real thing. Leonardo said that it looked a bit beat, which only makes sense. Cool find, thanks Leonardo.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”480″][/youtube]

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