Spot the Pony

Do you remember that picture of a pinto pony against a snowy backdrop, where the horse seems to blend in with its surroundings? Well, Ford does, and if you’re a Facebook friend of the Company, you can see their take on that picture in one of the teaser shots for the upcoming uni-body Explorer. Typically, you wouldn’t shoot a white car against an equally colorless backdrop when doing beauty pics, but Ford’s goal here is not exposé but intrigue.
Head over to FB and friend Ford to see some equally non-revealing shots of the new SUV.
Image source: [FoMoCo via Facebook]

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4 responses to “Spot the Pony”

  1. dmilligan Avatar

    Somehow I am not intrigued.

  2. chrystlubitshi Avatar

    if it's an ecoboost 6 and a car that can shed some weight (like easily removed occupants)… i care if it will ever make a sound again… especially if it's at the bidding of my feet…..

  3. Luntburger Avatar

    Wikipedia blames poor sales of the first Infiniti Q45 on an ad campaign like this.

    1. tonyola Avatar

      It's not the same thing. These Explorer pics are pre-production teasers – a tradition with a long and time-honored history in Detroit. The Infiniti ads which never showed a car were aired after the car was officially released.