SpeedyCop builds the perfect Wagon Queen Family Truckster

Wagon Queen Family Truckster speedycop lemons griswald 1
The madman known as Speedycop is at it again! For last weekends’s 24 Hours of Lemons race he built one of the best replicas of the Wagon Queen Family Truckster from National Lampoon Vacation I have ever seen. The astonishing part is that it is Lemons race legal, meaning roll cage, race seat, safety switch.
The vehicle is amazing in its detail; from the headlights and windows to Aunt Edna on the roof, to a dog leash tied to the rear bumper. I wonder how many times he had to watch the movie to get it so perfect. I have a feeling that this car, like the Hooniversal Car of the Year winner Spirit of LeMons, will be the one he keeps around a while and makes it road legal. A road trip to next year’s New York International Auto Show would be perfect, just so I can take it for a spin.
Check out all the pics on SpeedyCop’s facebook page.
Update: The Wagon Queen Family Truckster won the most prestigious 24 Hours of Lemons award, The Index of Effluency! Big congratulations to SpeedCop and his Gang of Outlaws!

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14 responses to “SpeedyCop builds the perfect Wagon Queen Family Truckster”

  1. CoastieLenn Avatar


  2. Sjalabais Avatar

    His productivity scares me a bit. Legendary!

    1. Scandinavian Flick ★ Avatar
      Scandinavian Flick ★

      Well, he's not called LazyCop.

  3. Speedycop Avatar

    We built it in just two weeks. I used up my last week of vacation and every dollar I could get my hands on, but the end result was a fun car to show and race, and a 7th team IOE! Now that I'm broke, it may go up for sale…

    1. Kamil_K Avatar

      O, rly?
      Hmm… What would it take to make it road legal?

  4. Speedycop Avatar

    Nothing but a windshield, which has a crack. Lights/horn/wipers work, brakes are good, tires are good, handles way better than it has any right to, title is clear. Rear seat fits even with the cage, and has plenty of room to sit in comfortably.

  5. Speedycop Avatar

    Or I could do like we just did with the Explorer, and remove all the safety stuff. I still have the stock front seats.

    1. Kamil_K Avatar

      That would be the way to go…

    2. HTWHLS Avatar

      I hate/love you.

  6. dukeisduke Avatar

    This is definitely a candidate for H.C.O.T.Y.

    1. CoastieLenn Avatar

      That… times infinity.

  7. mechimike Avatar

    That needs to be daily driven around the D.C/ Balto area.

  8. Carter Avatar

    Finally someone can answer the question I've always wanted to ask:
    Does that bumper scrape on…everything?

  9. GreenPEAs Avatar

    You know, before I really understood it, I felt like the gimmick cars were just an unnecessary hazard for everyone else in the race. Then I realized it was far more likely for suspension parts or entire body panels to break free at any moment than something recently attached to the vehicle, and I've loved them ever since. This might be my favorite so far.
    I think the only thing that could trump this would be if someone had purchased that Testarossa with the front end damage, sold off everything possible to meet the budget limit, and grafted on the most decayed, horrifying Fiero body they could. It would also need the Fiero exhaust for extra destruction of both performance, longevity, and exhaust note. Tune it for optimal cloning of the classic Iron Duke sound. Whoever did it would be a hero to the LeMons crowd but would legitimately cause strokes in upscale deed-restricted communities across the country. Oh well, in another life I'll get my chance.