SOVREN Immunity: Lotus 26R Spins 360, Doesn't Miss a Beat

[youtube][/youtube] For those of you who don’t know, the Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts is a racing club based in the Pacific Northwest, and home to a whole lot of sweet vintage iron (no later than 1969 for most classes). SOVREN is renowned for the kind of all-out racing that’ll force you to DNF unless your family jewels are made out of some pretty stern stuff. Evidence? Take this clip of a Lotus 26R, which soon after the start at Portland International Raceway caught some dirt and went ’round a full 360 degrees (36 seconds in, for the impatient). Of course, this being SOVREN, instead of meekly staying off the course and waiting for a tow, the maniac recovered at the end of the spin to head right back out on the track, passing at least 3 cars in the process! Supposedly they say rubbin’ is racin’ – round the wet and wacky Northwest, spinnin’ is racin’. Keep watching the video for not only the sweet sweet sounds of a ’68 Cortina GT Mk. II bleating about at full bore, but also plenty of other hoon-worthy rides including some truly sinister sounding and looking Corvettes. Thanks to Tim for the tip!

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