Someone Drew My Cars And Put Them On Mugs And Shirts

We all love obscure cars. And we want to celebrate them. But because they are obscure, it is nearly impossible to find merchandise with those cars on them. Fortunately, I found a talented artist who will, for a reasonable fee, draw your car, and you can buy mugs and t-shirts (and more) with the drawing on them. Make the jump to see this guy’s work.
Tom is an artist in Southern California. His website shows all of the cars he has drawn. Since he had already drawn the first generation Isuzu Impulse, I asked him to make some tweaks with the exterior colors and voila, he generated the image above. It’s my first car, the Isuzu Impulse Special Edition.
Excited, I commissioned Tom to create an image of one of my other cars. He did a bang-up job on the “Dresden V8“.

This is where I am supposed to write a disclaimer saying Tom gave me merchandise for free in exchange for a good word here on Hooniverse. Just the opposite. I spent over $600 on Tom’s website, buying Impulse and Dresden V8 gear for myself, my boy, and my friends.

Images sources: Monkey Crisis Instagram and Jim Yu

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5 responses to “Someone Drew My Cars And Put Them On Mugs And Shirts”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    Interesting stuff. There is at least one guy over here who does customised images the common muscle cars – colour, registration plate etc

  2. Smaglik Avatar

    I’m generally happy with blipshift for my automotive themed t-shirt needs, but this is pretty cool.
    A number of years ago I paid a guy $150 to make this. He was going them for M3s, and he made this one off a photo. Not perfect, but pretty damn solid.

  3. njhoon Avatar

    I had no idea the SE Impulse was that rare, my high school girlfriend had one. I really liked that car, I’ll miss it. It was surprisingly roomy with the hatch.

  4. JayP Avatar

    Classic ItalDesign.


    1. Rover 1 Avatar
      Rover 1

      The most well resolved shutline detailing of any car, ever. And as close to the original ‘Asso di Fiori’ concept as can be imagined.
      I have a set of these Isuzu factory alloys on my ’86 Civic Shuttle.