Someone Buy This Subaru 360

Just look at that face. How can you say no?
This beautiful little Subaru 360 has been sitting on Craigslist for sale for some time now. And the longer it sits there, the longer our beloved damnElantra™ starts going crazy.
Minor work required, but the seller says it runs.
For those of you who know damnElantra™, aka Jeremy!, you’ll be aware of his crazed, all-consuming obsession love for strange and unique cars or mini-cars. He also has a unique ability to tempt me with postings on my Facebook wall, featuring strange military vehicles, unique vans, classic Ramblers or what-have-you that are wholly impractical and totally inappropriate for me to purchase, but for which I would gladly trade my firstborn — or, for that matter, someone else’s firstborn — for a chance to own. This little Subaru is having a similar effect on Jeremy; as such, someone needs to buy it. We can’t help but think the $2750 asking price is a bit… optomistic. Nonetheless, it would be a pretty wicked project car. Just think how much fun it would be with the flat-four from a WRX STi stuffed in there somehow. Now quick, someone shell out the cash before Jeremy does.

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