Some Of The Cars Of Truly Nolan

So this past weekend while this olelongrooffan was bursting at the seams with pride over my youngun graduating high school down in Fantasyland, I managed gather up a few images of some of Truly Nolan’s antique automobile billboards. The first one of my fellow Hoons to identify the vehicle in the above image gets some swag this olelongrooffan commandeered at some auto event some time in the recent past. Meantime make the jump to see some more of his stuff.

Truly Nolan owns a huge pest control company down in south Florida and is a car nut as well. He has a bunch of cars scattered all around southwest Florida with his name on the side.

Most of the cars are original except for paint and in pretty good shape. This early 50’s Chevy was not one of them. When I first spotted it, the axle track looked a bit off and the hot pink color was definitely not original.

Then this olelongrooffan wandered around the ass end of it and realized it is someone’s idea of a streetrod.

Just down the lane a piece, I spotted a Master Deluxe. This is another one of those that is a good 20 footer.

A close up look at the running board demonstrates this car has been used and, with the exception of paint, is probably in original condition.

It is a two tone wonder and those always rate fairly high in my taste test.

That Celebrate Life sporting minivan is what I was Hooning around the state in for the weekend. Special thanks to theracedude for loaning it out to this olelongrooffan while my Comanche was having hot flashes.

And if I could talk thejeepjunkie into letting me get one of these longroofs, this olelongrooffan would be in seventh heaven. At least til it needed servicing.


And after having gone I don’t know how long without seeing one of these, this is the third month in a row this olelongrooffan has had an Imperial experience.

This one sports the fins on the dash just like the other two spotted. And again I ask, where have all the square steering wheels gone?

One of the things I noticed on this one but neglected to observe on the others was the fact that the headlights are individual pods completely separate from the body structure itself. This olelongrooffan can only imagine the engineering feat required to stamp that body part back in the day.

The chrome on this sweaty was a somewhat pitted and it, too, is another twenty footer.

But damn, that hood is nearly the size of Dad’s field on our old farm back in the day

And just because I captured this same image on the other two, I had to include this one for my fellow Hoons amusement. Yeah, my elcheapoebaycamera never fails to let me down.

I don’t remember spotting this badge on the others but it was most likely there and I just overlooked it due to the huge rush at all the cool shit I spotted while I was viewing those at the show and at the junkyard.

And that fake spare tire look carried over to the lowly Valiant as well.

The last Truly Nolan car I gathered up an image of was this 1941 Chrysler.  It must have started its life up in PA back in the day. I only say that due to the antique license plate out front.

I know Chevy made a “business man’s coupe” with an oversize trunk back in the day. I am unsure if this is Chrysler’s answer to it or if it was just the design of it.

And vintage gas rationing stickers from World War II are just freakin awesome to this olelongrooffan.

I couldn’t really make out if that dash board was meant to have that “faux” style paint or if that is just the aged patina of it.

This beauty was parked right next door to the lot where I had captured that Monte Carlo featured earlier this week.

And it’s a Highlander to boot!

Hey. What’s that over there?

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

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