So, This is What This olelongrooffan…

dtm_screen_cap…was watching on the old SpeedVision during the late 80’s and early 90’s.
BMW E30 M3’s, Ford Cosworths (Merkur here in the States) although you, my fellow Hoons, knew that, Audi 5000’s, Volvo 240’s, an occasional Alfa Romero, a rare Fox body Mustang and tons of Mercedes 190 Evolutions…
Great stuff and not a roundy-round in sight.
Yeah, this olelongrooffan remembers watching this series back in the day and I Still Love It. Hope you Hoons out there in Hooniverse do also.

The music starts out slow, and while I don’t understand the lyrics, the tune fits with the video.
And know that finding this stuff allows me to continue to
Celebrate Life.

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14 responses to “So, This is What This olelongrooffan…”

  1. captain clueless Avatar
    captain clueless

    i loved the mercedes with the cone sticking out of the grill..

    1. PFG Avatar

      See, unicorns ARE real!

  2. Saturnsufferer Avatar

    Watching these old racers crest some of those hills with a 4 in the air gives a true sense of "scary" fast.

  3. Saturnsufferer Avatar

    Watching these old racers crest some of those hills with all 4 in the air gives a true sense of "scary" fast.

  4. JayP Avatar

    I got the idea that jumping curbs was cool and I managed 2 wheels up in my little A4 at the track.
    I soon found out how much wheel bearings cost to replace. 🙁

  5.  Avatar
  6. omg_grip Avatar

    this video never gets old

    1. Tomsk Avatar

      Damn straight. Same for part 2, which inspired my writeup on the lunacy that was the Class 1 era:

  7. Mike_the_Dog Avatar

    Cool. I only drive like that in Gran Turismo.

  8. Joe Dunlap Avatar
    Joe Dunlap

    I found this translation for the song in a Google Search. The song is basically about a son lamenting the loss of his father. Nice piece of writing.
    It's been a while
    It's been a while, that I took almost everything serious. It's been a while, that I believed. And then the shock, when things turn out quite differently – strange how roads turn sometimes. Not yet resigned, but pretty much disillusioned – I understand just a bit by now.
    When things go well and turn out right; they pat your back, and like to come your way. Call themselves your friend without blushing, and the next day ignore you right away. It's been a while that this left me clueless by surprize, and that disappointment dragged me down.
    I remember dreaming of what I did not yet know how to look for it, and missed finding it because I was too busy searching. And totally missing to realize what I wanted to find. Clueless, just left with some tricks to play by instinct – it takes a while to see clearly.

  9. Joe Dunlap Avatar
    Joe Dunlap

    Heres the rest. First comment was too long……
    It was a time where failure was not yet an option, a time I was not even fed up with yet. Torn between John Steinbeck and Joseph Conrad, stuck in the middle and relatively checkmate. It's been a few years, but the memory is right there – it feels like only yesterday. It's been a while.
    You ask me when I painted the last picture, if a song indeed is all it takes to make me feel satisfied these days. If I was there where I so longed to be, if my colors would not dry out this way? I do know now, that it does not matter if you paint loudly or soft – it just matters that you do it. It's been a while.
    It's been a while, that I did visit you at your grave; It's been a while that we talked. And that each of us reached out to each other, so long that I can't remember when. You always believed that somebody waits for you in heaven. You deserve it, is what I said. It's been a while.

  10. Tomsk Avatar

    An awesome period for an awesome series. I can't help but wonder what a North American series using Group A rules during that period would have looked like; maybe Beretta GTZ (or, better yet, Quad 442) vs. Taurus SHO vs. Spirit R/T vs. whichever privateers felt like jumping in?
    Also, the Audi running during that era was the D-platform V8 Quattro, rather than the similar looking C-platform 100/200/5000.

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      Tomsk: Did that D platform Quattro make it here to the states? I had not previously known of this one. As evidenced, I incorrectly thought it was a 5000 Quattro.