So Basic It Didn't Get a Name – 1984 Suzuki SA-310

Remember when there was a simpler time? Remember zero specification? Glorious base models have disappeared, since everybody wants a bit of aloe vera on their derriere these days and it’s cheaper to mount gadgets into the dash than to substitute them with a blanking plate. In case you’re feeling a bit bloated after reading the Thanksgiving dinner sized Lincoln post (this qualifies for both the article length as well as the car itself), here’s some bargain basement light entertainment.

This 1984 Suzuki SA-310 GA is a sort of an Ur-Swift; for Suzuki in this market in ’84 it was just a 3-cylinder 1.0-litre car, nothing else; hence the 310. It did get a Swift or Cultus name tag in other markets, but frankly it’s a wonder this one even got a metallic blue paint instead of primer grey for just a tick under 40 000 FIM.

These first ones didn’t even get flush headlights, but the standard-issue sealed-beam ’70s carry-over glass brick items. There’s a handy badge-mounted hood release button, as I recall.

The 3-cylinder engine managed to get out 55 horses, and the unit weighed only 63 kg. But then again, the 700kg car still rode on 12-inch wheels and was leaf-sprung in the back. That was improved in the ’85 facelift.

I remember my folks considering a Suzuki like this as a second car at one point in the ’90s. I think the rear seat belts were adjustable 3-point but didn’t retract at all.

It seems the owner of the Suzuki is trying to get the most of it. There’s consistent wear everywhere, the seats are worn through and the driver’s seat is covered with a plastic bag.  The rear plastic trim/trunk handle is shattered.

Surprisingly there’s not that much rust, but that’s probably due to the car having spent its earlier days further up in the North.

And of course, there is the ubiquitous tow bar. As I said, the idea seems to be to get the most out of the little Suzuki.

By the way, there’s a captive import connection in this photo: The Suzuki was sold as the Chevrolet Sprint in the States, and in the pic you can see the earlier-featured Prizm in the background.


[Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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