Snow, Skis, and a Rally Stage – Team O'Neal Shows Us the Way

You love to ski in the wintertime, but you also love to rally, you say? What to do? How about both?
For those of us who never got a real winter, this video will leave you somewhat frustrated. Don’t get me wrong – any hoon is good hoon when it comes to rallying, and driver & skier alike are having a ball. But dang it – what about me? I’m sitting here looking at a 75 degree forecast for tomorrow, and the last time I saw snow was before Christmas. Why do rally guys have all the fun?

Over to you – have you ever done anything crazy like this? Been towed by a minivan through the neighborhood? Raced down a wet road with your hand trapped on some guy’s Mustang? Sound off in the comments.
Thanks Wyatt at Team O’Neil for the video!

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7 responses to “Snow, Skis, and a Rally Stage – Team O'Neal Shows Us the Way”

  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    This is beautiful, good speed, too. But isn’t it strange that the propellers and more are in the frame in the drone shots?

  2. outback_ute Avatar

    This would work better than skiing on farm irrigation channels like some of my mates did – can’t brake that well with water skis!

    1. nanoop Avatar

      “Farm irrigation channel”sounds like a riveting TV channel.

      1. outback_ute Avatar

        Slightly less action-packed than the fishtank or fireplace channels, but more interesting than the paint-drying channel.

  3. stigshift Avatar

    I read that as Tatum O’Neal. And I was very confused…

  4. nanoop Avatar

    Yesterday I drove 1.5hrs through a hilly landscape decorated with 1ft of fresh snow, pulling an unbraked trailer that had summer tires. Empty, the frozen shocks made a bouncy ride, the trailer showed up in the middle mirror every now and then. Loaded, the turns on summer tires were interesting…