Slow Car Fast, Eh? How About This One

Being British, it's actually no bigger than a Mazda3
Being British, it's actually no bigger than a Mazda3

You’re looking at a 1969 Bedford CA Dormobile Camper Van. It’s got 4 berths and a 1.6L engine that likely makes all of 50hp. Cute as a button, slow as hell. Drive it fast, if you dare.
Source: Bonhams, via Dinosaurs and Robots (which you ought to be reading already)

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  1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    With a big enough sway bar I can make this work…

  2. Maymar Avatar

    Even caning it, this is probably still only capable of escargot speeds. Maybe S-Cargo speeds, if you're lucky.

  3. Alff Avatar

    Do want. I would love to aggravate the motoring public in this.

  4. joshuman Avatar

    I read a book recently where highly-decorated Bedfords and "Jeeps" (be they Russian, American, or Toyota Land Cruisers) were the primary method of moving anything between cities and villages. The Bedfords in the story could break down but were nearly always repairable with basic tools. They were the perfect vehicle for moving a lot of stuff over remote highways in country where cheap is good. You can see some photos here:

  5. engineerd Avatar

    Is there a category below "slow"? Maybe "indolent". I like that. It reminds me of some of the old guys at Ford referring to indolene fuel.
    Anyway, this thing isn't slow, it's indolent. However, it's damn cool and looks to be in great shape.

  6. PowerTryp Avatar

    That thing is kinda like a pug, you don't want to admit that it's kinda cute even though you think it is.

  7. CptSevere Avatar

    I'll admit it right now, the ugly little bugger is Cool. Way cool. My '64 Chevy Road Condo (pictured as avatar) is faster and more lux, but I have a place in my heart for vintage RV's like this, however lame they might be. Admit it, this is way more funky than a Westphalia. How many hippie chicks and glass bongs would fit into this thing while you steer it towards the next Rainbow Reunion? Sometimes the journey is better than the destination.

    1. CptSevere Avatar

      Rainbow Gathering. Excuse me.

  8. _Tomsk_ Avatar

    If that's too slow, you can always drop in an Iron Duke and cut the 0-60 time in half, meaning that instead of being an eon, it will just be an epoch.

    1. FЯeeMan Avatar

      Considering how little geological time humour there actually is, I think accuracy would be appropriate. 😉

  9. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    Eyebrows, impossible-to-replace glass, and a zero-to-sixty time probably triple that of my Lolvo. I love every bit of it.