Sidecar Donuts Make 2015 Awesome

You already know that my riding buddy Rusty is awesome. Here is how he chose to celebrate New Year’s Day: doing one-handed donuts on his Ural Gear-Up. Note the snow flying from the powered sidecar wheel.
Video credit to his lovely wife, as captured by her smartphone potato from an upstairs window.

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  1. BuickButt Avatar

    Perhaps motorcycle purists may not agree, but I hear it's extra points for "feet on pegs" donuts.

  2. Rover_1 Avatar

    His wife took the video?
    There's a marriage made in heaven.

  3. dead_elvis Avatar

    The only thing that could make this better would be audio from inside his helmet – I'm pretty sure it would consist of "Whooo hoooooooo!". At least, that's what I'd be yelling.