Showdown: Overrated Classic 4x4s Edition

1979 Scout for sale1971 Ford Bronco for sale In our last showdown, the Mr Jalopy’s ’65 Country Squire pulled ahead of the classy black ’55 Ranch Wagon, but not by a lot. In today’s flame-fanning-titled Showdown, we’re headed back to the dirt with a pair of the most overrated 4x4s of all time. 1979 Scout for sale1979 Scout for sale People seem to think of IH Scouts as though they were forged by Hephaestus himself. News flash: aside from the 200-lbs-heavier-than-it should-be 345ci “smallblock”, they’re the same collection of half-ton parts you could get on any other 4×4 of the era, just more poorly assembled. Today’s example comes all the way from Dayton, TN for a very reasonable $1800. It’s in surprisingly good condition for being so cheap…possibly because if any non-drivetrain part breaks, you’re pretty much SOL. Still, $1800 ain’t so bad. Craigslist 1971 Ford Bronco for sale1971 Ford Bronco for sale Early Broncos, on the other hand, are a bit more unique. Their front coil suspension is different from most of the era (but still super-crappy in stock form) and their middle-weight size gives more room than a Jeep, but they’ll still fit down any trail. They’re theoretically good, but in the real world, the only reasonably priced ones are rusted out, manual-steering, manual-braked, I-6, 3-speed powered turds. Any non-turd example (with anything V8 powered and Earl-Scheibed being above that threshold) commands absurd prices for what’s really not that great of an off-roader. The Bronco in question is $5k as we’re writing this. The carb’ed 302 + 3 speed combo gets the job done around town, but we can assure you, it’s not the preferred setup on the trail. Carbs flood or starve with angle, and most 3-cogs lack the low 1st gear you need to really get your crawl on. The good news is, it’s a mid-60s Ford, so there’s no shortage of parts that’ll swap in to meet your needs. The question is, is that worth more than $3k over the Scout? eBay Motors Hat to to Zach Bowman for the Scout! [poll id=”9″]

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