Showdown: Non-Wretched Jeep FC Vs Detroit-Diesel Swapped International

1957 jeep fc150 for sale1960 international travelall for sale
It’s been forever since our last showdown, but when I had these two tabs open adjacent to each other (and a primordial version of my Falcon next to them), it was clearly time to dust off the category.

In one corner, a ’57 Jeep FC in rare mid-grade condition. Typically we find these in end-stage terminal corrosion or as $20k restoration queens. This one’s generally intact, running and driving, with a $6300 asking price. The flathead four cylinder and insanely low gearing aren’t going to win any races on paved ground but with some vintage mud tires and a locker or two, it’ll out-climb anything this side of a mountain goat. And it’ll do so with that bed full of cut firewood.

Representing the “Ugh, it’s not a Jeep, it’s an International” faction, we’ve got this 1960 International Travelall. As if an early Travelall wasn’t unique enough, it’s had a Detroit 4-53 swapped in. Fun fact: those Detroit Diesel engine names are the number of cylinders and the displacement for each. Thus 4-53 = 212ci (3.5l) four cylinder. These are good for somewhere just north of 100hp, meaning this leviathan will also be an exercise in patience. Mechanically, “everything’s in order”, but it’s evident that some paint and body work top the To-Do list. The $5000 asking price feels about $1500 too high, but maybe that’s just me.

international travelall for sale (1)international travelall for sale (2)international travelall for sale (4)

On this truckiest of Truck Thursdays, what would you pick?

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  1. stigshift Avatar

    Internationnal. Because all the travels.

  2. Batshitbox Avatar

    What is this, Batshitbox Fantasy Garage?
    Although 2-stroke diesel and a ’60s Travelall exert a strong pull (hah!) I’m actually going to switch camps and go for the FC Jeep. They are so few and far between, compared to the Travelall.
    Get the FC now and add the diesel later. A 4-53T with the right injectors can push 175hp, not bad.

    1. mad_science Avatar

      (that was my reference for the 4-53 info, too)
      I’m actually curious which is more rare. Neither is particularly common, but I swear I see more Travelalls than FCs. Particularly FCs that aren’t transparent with rust.

      1. mdharrell Avatar

        “Particularly FCs that aren’t transparent with rust.”
        As an owner, I believe you misspelled “IHs.”

      2. Scoutdude Avatar

        Travelalls in general are certainly more common but the 3dr Travelalls are pretty rare. It wasn’t until they added the 4th door that they became commonly used as the family wagon. Before they were more used as pure work rigs that would have been used up. I know lots of people with 61-75 Travelalls but only a few of the 60 and older versions.

  3. Grant Linderman Avatar
    Grant Linderman

    Travelall. Because FC Jeeps are weird, and not the awesome kind of weird… And this one I saw just a few days ago is the weirdest of all.

    1. mad_science Avatar

      That poor thing…

      1. Grant Linderman Avatar
        Grant Linderman

        Yeah… it was bad. That said, I do mildly appreciate the color-matched accents on the hubs/wheels (also… why is the spare a different wheel if he went through all that trouble?)