Showdown – Heavy Hitters Edition

jeep grand wagoneer for saleford bronco centurion for sale

Our last showdown pitted two traditionally overrated 4x4s against one another. As of right now, the Scout Travelall’s beating out the early Bronco by 6%. Being 1/3 the price will do that for ya.

We’re keeping it 4×4 for right now, if only because we just couldn’t pass these up. You better pray to Petrolius, the god of oil reserves that crude prices stay low, because today we’re talking about some thirsty beasts: A 460ci powered Centurion and a Grand Wagoneer.

ford bronco centurion for sale

If you’re not familiar with the Centurion, you should be. Sold at Your Local Ford Dealer but build by Centurion Vehicles, they were a mash-up of Bronco and F250/350 crew cab. Does your Suburban have a removable rear roof section? No, no it does not. Does your Avalanche not suck have a Powerstroke Diesel or 460ci big block as an option? That’s what we thought. From the ad, all we know is this example’s sporting orangered paint, a 460ci big block, Holley cab and Flowmaster exhaust. $2250 is about 38¢ per pound.

jeep grand wagoneer for salejeep grand wagoneer for sale

Maybe you don’t need 3 rows of seating or people constantly reminding you that a certain Alaskan also had one. Maybe you prefer the classic lines of one of the longest-running vehicles of all time (1963-1991). Maybe you’d prefer to skip the garish orangered in favor of some subdued colors and classy wood decal applique trim. You’ll also have the opportunity to drive one of the last carbureted V8s sold in the US. Luckily, this ’89 Waggy is has recently had its “carbutator” rebuilt. It’s got new tires and what appears to be 3″ of lift, which really improves on the typically “saggy Waggy” stance these things end up with. If you really want it, you might want to act fast. I’m afraid The_Missus will force me to buy it and get started on that Cummins-swapped biodiesel-fueled tow rig project she’s been dreaming of.

$1800 makes a great starting point. Craigslist El Lay.

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