Showdown: GT500 Vs LS1-Swapped e30 M3

In our last Showdown the Coronet RT edged out the Marauder, but not by a whole lot. If memory serves correctly, the Coronet went for around $30k on eBay, while the Marauder went for around $9k. We’re curious how today’s Showdown will pan out. It’s Ford Vs Chevy, with a twist. In one corner, we’ve got a fine example of modern muscle, an ’08 GT500. The other? A mashup of ’80s boxy goodness, ’90s suspension tech and ’00s GM power… 2008 Ford Mustang GT500 for sale on craigslist2008 Ford Mustang GT500 for sale on craigslist We know the GT500 is not a particularly great sports car in the pure sense of the word. If the S2000 is a trapeze act, the GT500 is more like being shot out of a cannon. With its stark interior, 500hp blown 5.4L V8 and solid rearend, the GT500 hails from the subtlety is for pansies school of automotive design. Being a mere two model years old, our example’s got plenty of life left in it with all the modern stuff that makes daily drivers drivable on a daily basis. Livable brute force don’t come cheap, though. It’s $36k. M3 LS1 swap for saleM3 LS1 swap for sale There were 3 other GT500s we could’ve used in place of that last one, but there aren’t any other M3s like this one (at least, that are currently for sale). We’ve long had a soft spot in our heart for the e30 M3, particularly its bulging-box 80s homologation special looks. While the original S14 4-pot was nothing to sneeze at, our seller elected to shed the fussy German motor for more than double the displacement in the form of a warmed-over LS1 from an ’02 Vette backed up by a T-56  6-speed. Before we start grousing about weight gain, it should be noted that the all-aluminum LS1 weighs only 50lbs more than the iron-blocked BMW motor. Overall curb weight is 2850lbs. Suspension and brakes are upgraded all-around. We’re conflicted with the Bimmer, as the $35-large minimum bid is pretty ridiculous if we’re talking about a decent motor-swap. To us, a decent swap of this kind is more of a $15-20k kind of job. The sky-high price might be realistic if the work is A++ professional-grade with every.last.issue. is sorted out. [poll id=”16″]

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