Showdown: Apples to Oranges Edition

1968 corvair monza for sale

Our last Showdown’s sitting within the margin of error with the 8-lug Pontiac leading the sliding roof Studebaker 41-40.

We’re in a bit of a half-ass Friday mood today, so the only threads linking today’s contestants are that they’re both GM products with a unique flair, and they’re the same price. So with that, it’s the 9-passenger, bespotlighted, bewindowed Buick Sportwagon Vs the neat and tidy 4 speed Corvair.

1968 corvair monza for sale1968 corvair monza for sale1968 corvair monza for sale

The original plan was to do a Corvair Vs Camaro showdown, based on the legend that the Camaro and 2nd generation Corvair  but it turns out the best 1st or 2nd generation Camaro you can get for the $6k asking price of this Corvair is a clapped-out shell. This ‘vair is quite the opposite. It sports a 4-speed and recently rebuilt 145ci dual-carb pancake six. The paint and interior are new/refreshed as well. It’s only got 57k miles on the clock. Corvair quirkiness aside, this looks like it could be an incredible value for a clean driver.

buick wagon for sale buick wagon for sale buick wagon for sale buick wagon for sale

This Buick Sport wagon’s in a bit rougher shape, but certainly offers a better American Iron/dollar value. Also: windows/dollar. Also: passengers/dollar. Lastly: Spotlights/dollar. The seller claims the 340c.i. V8 starts and runs “like a new car”. The paint and interior have a few minor issues, and the wheels should’ve been retired along with Vanilla Ice side-of-the-head-buzz-stripes back in 1992. Not a bad buy for $6k, though.

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