Show us your V.I.S.I.T.

I think for the most part, the winter snowpacalypse is behind us.  It has been a rather dry winter (in the car-spotting sense) and (in Utah, the snow-spotting sense) things are starting to shape up as far as I can tell.  Infact just the other day I spotted this uber-rare (stateside anywho) Skyline.  I fully expected an “oh I see those eleventeen times a day) lecture from our resident Canadian contributor.  Interestingly enough, even Canuckistan doesn’t have them yet.
That said, I challenge the commentariate to blatantly disregard local cell phone/driving laws recruit a co-pilot with a camera phone and show us what crazy/awesome/wtf things you happen upon out in the wild.  Parking lots, sidewalk spottings and anything else you find is welcome.  Below is a personal selection of vehicles I have chosen from my Facebook V.I.S.I.T page.  If you have not already become a fan I encourage you to do so.  Lot’s of great stuff in there.  Feel free to upload your own to the FB page or send them to us.

So Hoonigans, hop in your cars and drive.  Send us photos of what you see.  Camera phones are the only prerequisite.  Action shots welcome.  Oh, and that last photo has an interesting backstory.  Perhaps the feller with the Corrado could share it with us.

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  1. c0de Avatar

    In a bit over a month I'll be visiting the homeland (Lebanon) for a bit under two weeks. and i do promise a good amount of V.I.S.I.T pictures.

  2. NefariouKunk Avatar

    The snowpocolypse came back for more in North Texas on the first day of freaking spring. Weirdness.
    This will not stop me on my hunt though.

  3. omg_grip Avatar

    Spotted in Fairfax, VA, July 25, 2009, with Michigan Manufacturer tags. In my freakin office parking lot on a saturday of all places!
    <img src="; border="0"/>
    <img src="; border="0"/>

    1. Ambersand Avatar

      But what were you doing working on a Saturday? SO cool BTW…I'm right up from there in Reston, I'll have to go cruise FFX and look for it.

      1. omg_grip Avatar

        Keep in mind….this was nearly a year ago when i spotted it, which I guess is more impressive, it was not even anywhere close to being released and it was more or less a rumor at that point. I have yet to see it or another 500 again.

  4. engineerd Avatar

    I hate winters. I grew up in Southern California and never had to deal with ice, snow, extreme cold, Vitamin D deficiencies, and a lack of interesting cars on the road. Now I live in Michigan where we have all of these above. I love spring. People dust off their summer cars, put air in the tires, charge the battery and wait for a couple good rainfalls to wash away the salt. Well, we've had all that and so hopefully some interesting stuff starts popping up.
    In the mean time, I'll just give you a link to my Flickr V.I.S.I.T. collection. Most of these were taken last summer while in Florida.

  5. RetroRCR Avatar

    Greetings from Canuckistan:) Skylines are common here, at least on the west coast. I see at least a half dozen regularly. Other RHD imports are common as well. Seen a nice RHD RX7 a couple days ago. Haven't been in the habit of taking pictures of them, but maybe I should and share with those less fortunate:) Also, what is this snow you are talking about? Cars don't see much garage time out here. Especially this year.

  6. Manic_King Avatar

    I saw an black Lancia Delta Integrale today, parked in front of a tool shop and even thought about taking a picture, last time I saw one was probably at least 10 years ago.

  7. Maymar Avatar

    R34? You win this round, Mr. Schmo. That being said, I will play blase, and mention my preference for the R32.
    I've also got a bunch to upload, since I've been lazy for the past few months.

    1. Froggmann_ Avatar

      That reminds me I need to start having my camera ready on the freeway again!

  8. Sivart_R1 Avatar

    I watched a M1 Pro Car drive up Stone Way in Freemont. I was a bit stunned by what I was watching, and didn't manage to pull out the phone and snap a picture, unfortunately.

  9. joshuman Avatar

    Last week while getting lunch at a local Albertson's here in Bellevue I spotted a gigantic yellow hulk of an International Harvester Travelall. It had six doors and was lifted. The owner was just pulling out and said they put four different trucks together to make it. Oh yeah, it was diesel too. It's a damn shame I couldn't load my phone's camera more quickly.

  10. longrooffan Avatar

    This longrooffan has yet to be able to load images here so I direct you to my blog,
    There I have a series called What I Saw Today showcasing all of the V.I.S.I.T. cars and trucks.
    Here are a couple samplings.
    A Jagamino anyone?
    Or possibly a 1928 Durant Depot Hack?
    Click on the What I Saw Today on the sidebar to check out all 88 thus far.
    Thanks for sharing yours, my fellow Hoons.

  11. Froggmann_ Avatar

    What the hell happened to my comment? Had a lot of good ones in it!

  12. discontinuuity Avatar

    That red M3 in the mountains above is from the Pike's Peak Hill Climb last summer. A bunch of teenage guys climbed out of it. I was quite jealous.

  13. dwegmull Avatar

    Well, I sent you some pictures a while back…
    Anyway, here is a three page gallery:
    I recently moved and already spotted a couple of interesting prospect in my new ‘hood, including a Volvo Amazon daily driver…

  14. Madidus Avatar

    <a target='_blank' href=''><img src='; border='0'/>
    Ford Maverick, I am not aware of the year. Mabye you internet denizens are able to help me.

  15. citroen67 Avatar

    i give up…

  16. Conrad Bon Honk Avatar
    Conrad Bon Honk

    What is this spring time you are talking about? It's still a month or two away. -30 C around here in Sweden.

  17. Ambersand Avatar

    Ferrari Enzo, gorgeous red, 28 South, furiously passing me, heading away from the Dulles Ferrari dealer in Northern VA. SWEETNESS – and I was in such shock I could not get the Blackberry out fast enough to get a pic.