Show us your V.I.S.I.T.

I think for the most part, the winter snowpacalypse is behind us.  It has been a rather dry winter (in the car-spotting sense) and (in Utah, the snow-spotting sense) things are starting to shape up as far as I can tell.  Infact just the other day I spotted this uber-rare (stateside anywho) Skyline.  I fully expected an “oh I see those eleventeen times a day) lecture from our resident Canadian contributor.  Interestingly enough, even Canuckistan doesn’t have them yet. That said, I challenge the commentariate to blatantly disregard local cell phone/driving laws recruit a co-pilot with a camera phone and show us what crazy/awesome/wtf things you happen upon out in the wild.  Parking lots, sidewalk spottings and anything else you find is welcome.  Below is a personal selection of vehicles I have chosen from my Facebook V.I.S.I.T page.  If you have not already become a fan I encourage you to do so.  Lot’s of great stuff in there.  Feel free to upload your own to the FB page or send them to us. So Hoonigans, hop in your cars and drive.  Send us photos of what you see.  Camera phones are the only prerequisite.  Action shots welcome.  Oh, and that last photo has an interesting backstory.  Perhaps the feller with the Corrado could share it with us.

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