Shopping Advice: IXOOST iPod/iPhone Docks

Combine a custom machined block of aluminum, some old exhaust headers, and some high-quality speakers and what do you get? IXOOST, which is today’s coolest tech/automotive gadget. Rush out and buy one of these for every auto/moto enthusiast on your list.

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 The IXOOST system comes in your choice of 8, 10, or 12 cylinders. Each “cylinder” is a speaker. Tweeters, mid-range, and subwoofers are all part of the package. I have never actually listened to one in person, but the following description from the IXOOST website conveys exactly how I would expect the experience to be:

iXoost is a pleasure machine, coupling fine mechanical workmanship with the high-tuned nerves of a throbbing Formula One tailpipe. Noise, symphony or melody: it’s our senses that must guide us through these things. Behind every iXoost there lies all the magic of the ‘sound’ of our own emotions, our memories in the ears and into the very soul of each and every one of us, like those playing cards clipped onto our bike-wheel spokes to produce our very first rumble of speed.

IXOOST got its name from its Italian designer’s misprocunciation of the word exhaust. Oh, did I mention that they are designed and made to order in Modena, Italy?  Also, did I mention that there is no pricing listed on their website?  Most likely, in the price spectrum of iPod docks, these are closer to Ferrari than Kia.  Still, how nice would this look on your coffee table?

Since the price tag (whatever it is) may keep some of you hoons from owning this item, may I suggest a D.I.Y version? How difficult could it be? If you build one, be sure to keep us updated.

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