Shiny and Chrome Wilton Silver Color Mist Review: Don't Get it in Your Eyes

About two years ago, The Internet found Wilton Silver Color Mist. It’s a cake decorating spray that looks like a suitable way to replicate the “Shiny and Chrome” spray that the War Boys in Mad Max: Fury Road liked to use right before their (often explosive and fiery) death. The A.V. Club reported that people were leaving troll questions and reviews on the product’s Amazon listing, posing as War Boys. We laughed. We moved on.
Well, most people did. I ordered a can of the stuff from Wal-Mart so I could try it. Halloween is coming up, and if you’re two years behind the times and have a War Boy costume in mind, Hooniverse has the crucial need-to-know information to get the most out of your trip to Valhalla.

First: Bring the can close to your mouth so you don’t accidentally shoot food coloring in your eyes. It’s really hard to aim accurately.

Second: Use a generous blast, and make sure you get all around your mouth. Don’t just hit the teeth and gums. In fact, try to minimize how much you get actually inside your mouth. Why?

This stuff burns. The dyes are in suspension in some kind of evaporating solvent that attacks the membranes in your mouth. You’ll be able to tolerate it for a few moments, but if you get too much in there and it gets a chance to evaporate, the insides of your lips and gums will earn a fantastic sensation.

Tough out the pain and you’ll have the look. Well, maybe. You be the judge. I’m running to the sink to wash out my mouth.
It comes off easily with water.
[Photos copyright 2017 Hooniverse | Alan Cesar]

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5 responses to “Shiny and Chrome Wilton Silver Color Mist Review: Don't Get it in Your Eyes”

  1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
    Jeff Glucker

    I made this post featured just so I could laugh at Alan doing this as it shows in the main rotating header imagery on the site…

    1. Alan Cesar Avatar
      Alan Cesar

      File under things I endure to entertain others.

  2. jeepjeff Avatar

    Given that the warboys seemed to be using spray paint, the burning sensation from the solvents in the cake dye lends a touch of authenticity to the experience.

  3. Didi Bowman Avatar
    Didi Bowman

    Alan looks super weird without his eighties dad glasses and silver teeth. I feel a new super hero in the making.