Seriously Built Subaru GL Wagon is here to Shame Your CUV

lifted subaru wagon offroading Have you ever seen a relatively large dog terrified of an angry, scrappy little terrier thing? That’s probably about how an encounter between this this butched-out Subaru GL wagon and a RAV-4 would go. It looks like the lift’s been accomplished by re-hanging the suspension mounts lower than stock. The seller claims everything’s TIG welded, which doesn’t guarantee it’s actually well designed, but at least suggests better quality than Uncle Jim’s Sears arc welder. Definitely worth the grass/dirt stains to climb underneath and inspect the copius amounts of fabrication. There rear diff is “locked with both axles in, open with one removed”, which is a clever way to say it’s been welded into a spool. Apparently it only takes about 5 minutes to remove or install said axle with the included tools, though. Oh, and no need to be concerned about the old carbed 1.small motor spinning those M/Ts, as it’s been swapped out for a naturally asiprated EJ25 and 5-speed. While the rear seat’s out for the pictures, it’s included with the sale. Bidding’s currently at $1,600, with a Buy-it-Now of $6,250. If this thing’s as well built as claimed, that’s in the vicinity of a fair price. Then again, remembering my own experiences with heavily modified vehicles leaves me slapping myself, shouting “NO! stay away!”. That just means you get first dibs. Lifted 1987 Subaru GL Wagon for sale – eBay Motors, via the ExPo Forums

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