Seconds Saturday in Oakland, Because There Is A There There

Stu_Rock‘s diesel Pug

Gertrude Stein once described her childhood hometown of Oakland as “There is no there there.”  Unfortunately, a complacent media, the Occupy movement, and not insignificant pockets of crime have painted the entire city as Robocop’s dystopian Detroit.  But that’s simply not the case.  Oakland has charming neighborhoods, a vibrant restaurant scene, and has even been touted as an overlooked tourist destination.

Oakland also has its share of obscure cars and independently owned and operated shops specializing in obscure cars.  Take, for example, Hanzel Auto Body Works, the host of Seconds Saturdays car meets.

Hanzel’s specialty is Citroens, but they’ll work on practically anything you throw at them. 

These DSes are definitely a fixture at the shop.  But the participants of last weekend’s Seconds Saturday brought their own diverse and eclectic fleet of cars and trucks.

In one shot, we’ve got a French car, a German car, two American trucks, an Anglo-American car (the Tesla), a Japanese car, and two Italian cars.  The white car on the bottom right hand corner is dwegmull’s Fiat 500 (the new iteration). 

This DS will one day be as good as new.  Its owner (this is his eighth DS) offered me a ride in it once the project is complete.  I think I’ll take him up on his offer.

Any idea what vehicle goes with this engine?

This old Chevy work truck had everyone scratching their heads.  The owner hypothesizes that this Idaho truck may have belonged to the U.S Forest Service.  It’s got a 216 c.i. inline six.  Curiously, but not surprisingly, the owner’s other car is a home-made, early generation electric Civic.  

This Ford Maverick got a lot of love.  No doubt it was brought out to promote the premier of HBO’s Game Change.

That mystery engine belongs to this 1961 Corvair Rampside.  Its owner, another Hooniverse reader, is selling it.  What better way is there to help your brother-in-law pick up that big screen TV at Best Buy?

Aside from gawking over the cars, it was also a pleasure to chat it up with their owners.  The Jeep in the foreground belongs to our very own Tim O.  The Jeep in the background belongs to our very own jeepjeff.  This was a very low-key, casual event with like minded car buffs.  If you live in the Bay Area or happen to be here, the meet is definitely worth a visit.

P.S.: A big thank you to vwminispeedster and his dad for hosting the meet.

P.P.S.: Stu_Rock’s pictures of the meet can be seen here.

Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Jim Yu

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